Karate for Kids

Karate classes for kids - all skill levels welcome.

Karate classes for kids - all skill levels welcome.

Karate classes for kids of all skill levels. Beginners are very welcome.

Fully-certified instructor (Working with Children & National Police Certificate).

Kids learn self-discipline, confidence and respect through this full-body movement style of Karate.

Children are graded for belts as the develop at their own pace.

4-6 years old | 7-9 years old | 10-12 years old | 13-15 years old

Benefits of Karate for Kids

Little Dragons: 4-6 years old

Tuesday & Thursday - 4pm-4:30pm.

Mascots: 7-9 Years

Tuesday & Thursday - 4:30pm-5pm

Juniors: 10-12 years old

Tuesday & Thursday - 5pm-5:30pm.

Warriors: 13-15 years old

Tuesday & Thursday - 5:45pm-6:30pm.

Benefits of Karate for Kids


Your child will learn self-discipline as the advance through grading and earn new belts. They will learn that, with self-discipline, they are able to gain new proficiency in Karate and, in time, they will learn to apply this discipline to other areas of their life. This skill is important in Karate but also will stay with them for other physical sports, education and in other challenges they face.

Self-Confidence and Respect

Our style of Karate will help your child build self-confidence and respect. In the dojo, they will be expected to respect the instructor and the other students. They will also develop self-confidence as they master the self-defence movements and learn how to deal with aggression calmly. They will learn from their experience in the karate classes that respect and confidence gives them the ability to respond calmly to any situation.

Leadership skills

As your child advances through belts, they will begin to support newer students who are just starting out. This naturally occurs within Karate classes as more mature students spend time demonstrating moves, blocks and stances to newer members.

Physical Fitness

Children of all ages can benefit from more physical activity. Our kids karate classes focus on flexibility, stretching, movement and strength. There is no denying that to improve in Karate, you must improve physical and mentally. Our style of Karate focuses on full-body movement and is a self-defense styles that mean your child will be very active for the whole duration of the class.