Adult Karate Classes

Karate classes for adults at Qi Martial Fitness

Karate classes for adults at Qi Martial Fitness

We practice a progressive style of Karate that is designed for the 21st century; Seibukaikan Budo.

This style focuses on continuous contact and uses deflections to defeat an opponent before another attack can be launched.

By using whole body movement, or Sabaki, our students learn how to avoid, defend and respond quickly and explosively to an attack, making it ideal for self defence.

If you are an adult who wishes to learn Karate, this style is faster to initially learn and quicker to apply than more traditional Karate.

If you are already experienced in another discipline, you will be amazed at how this style can be applied to defeat an advanced attacks using subtle block-move-strike combinations.

Adult Karate Classes - Times

Age: 16 years +

Tuesday & Thursday - 7pm-8pm