Qi Martial Fitness


Karate Classes & Martial Arts Centre

Qi Martial Fitness is Bayside’s newest Karate dojo with karate classes for kids and adults. We welcome all levels of skills and ability.

Located just of Church Street, Brighton, our fully-equipped martial arts centre provides a safe environment for anyone to start their martial arts journey.

This is the style I recommend to all my security students.
— Fanos
I wish I met you 20 years ago.
— Frank
I learned more in one class than 3 months with my previous instructor.
— Perry




Traditional Japanese martial arts, unarmed, sword and archery. Taught by an internationally recognised Sensei.


Featuring Filipino, Thai/Burmese Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and Boxing.

This style is so practicable and realistic.
— Cherie
I wanted to learn from a genuine sword teacher and this class is beyond what I imagined.
— Holly


Interview Required.

Chance to learn exclusive Japanese styles, available to select students. 


Musashi kenjutsu - two styles.

Great class for members in content and clarity, really positive feedback at the de brief. Look forward to future work.
— Superintendent Gerry Rudkins
It’s not only what Hugh teaches but how he teaches that made me represent him in South Africa.
— Rod Bradley